Canon G7X Mark II and Vlogging?

Vlogging?  Who would have thought we’d go there?  Quite honestly, I was also surprised.  But it’s actually the most natural progression.  We’ve been making videos of our local travels for the past two years and it should develop into something more, right?  And vlogging is the most natural thing to do which is weird only because we feel awkward in front of the camera.  So why?  We don’t know.  We’re just in for the ride and the hype, I guess, so we’ll see where this goes.



Part of it is our new camera which I’ve been eyeing for the past couple of months.  I watched reviews on Youtube and read blogger and tech reviews before purchase.  It seemed the perfect fit for our needs.

It’s small and kind of light but not as light as an iPhone.  I hate lugging around heavy things during travel.  The only heavy thing I can tolerate is my personal shoulder bag.  It’s also pocketable.  It can fit most pockets.  

Battery life sucks a bit.  We tried filming for a full day and sad to say, it won’t last the night on a single charge.  I’m planning to get a spare battery because I hate cameras dying on me.  It sucks especially when nothing exciting has happened yet and the only ones you got a shot of were bits and bobs of nonsense.  

Video quality is great. But the sound quality needs a bit of work.  All in all, we’ve made the right decision to purchase.  We’re happy.  

Focus.  It’s slow most days but a vlogger suggested that I register faces to my camera.  I don’t even know that a camera does that.  I have yet to figure that out though.  It hasn’t been a week.  I have plenty of time to study my new toy and I think we’re getting along fine.

My Panasonic Lumix can rest now.  It has served me well.  



The vlog should give you a glimpse of our life when we’re not travelling.  Boring as it may seem, it’s still our life and you’re welcome to watch on the sidelines meaning on Youtube.  You can see our first vlog  looked all over the place.  There’s a bit of a learning curve in handling the camera.  It’s not like an iPhone.  It’s just as small but heavier and thicker.  I mean, I couldn’t even take a decent selfie using my phone!  It should probably take a month of vlogging to get used to handling the camera and we’ll get there.  

But that is nothing compared to the stares and looks you get when you’re filming and talking! Nothing can prepare you for that.  But we do it anyway.  Again, weird.  We are not the selfie capital of the world for nothing.  How is vlogging any different?!!  People can be so…I don’t know how to describe these people.  Hypocrite comes to mind but that is way harsh, even for me.  

They won’t get used to people vlogging but I can sure get used to the stares and the weirded out look.  So everything’s gonna be fine.  

So yeah, vlogging!  Who knew? WTF!

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