Traveling: Solo or with a Group

Traveling in the 21st century? What’s your take? Are you a solo traveler or would you rather travel with a companion or in a group? I, for one, haven’t tried traveling solo. I would love to someday but I’m apprehensive. You know when you watch the news everyday and bad things happen to unsuspecting people, it definitely leaves you with this wrong idea. The world is a dangerous place, that’s for sure. But that doesn’t keep me from traveling. I travel with my kid all the time and the places we go to are safe enough to bring children along.

Are you a solo traveler? (Phuket 2015)

But solo travel can be done. The debate between which is better to do when traveling abroad is as ambivalent as to the term- traveling. Some adventure seekers say that traveling could be more challenging if done alone; while for other gregarious travelers, traveling could be best enjoyed when wandering with someone.

Is traveling with family or friends more appealing to you? (La Union 2015)

When traveling abroad alone, bunches of perks are really worth enjoying. It deals with the idea of freedom to explore anything. Freedom to sleep in or wake up early to trek. Dealing with others’ foibles is not totally a concern. Everything exclusively lies in the traveler’s hand. No one to rely on or to compromise with the preparation, accommodation, and the itinerary of the trip; everything is all up to the solo traveler to decide on. The whole travel thing solely rests upon one’s hands. Generally, the responsibility is heavier. Looking out for yourself; Securing personal belongings; keeping oneself in the pink of health; and ensuring own safety at all times – are just the few liabilities needed to be considered all throughout the travel.

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Traveling with kids (Hong Kong 2014)

On the other hand, traveling with someone or with a group, have some advantages too. It is typically more complex, since the travel does not focus on a sole traveler. The accommodations and itineraries are collectively agreed upon. More ideas being shared to make the trip filled with more indulging activities. In addition, a support group is just around. There is always someone present to lean on. However, traveling with someone or with a group could be a bit of a hassle when conflicts of interest arise. There are too many idiosyncrasies to deal with. Difficulty in arriving on a fair decision is a big issue. Furthermore, misunderstandings could somehow result to a ruined trip.

Thunderbird Poro Point (2015)

To sum it up, traveling alone or with a group could be both fun and exciting. Both offer different sides of enjoyment. Nevertheless, the disadvantages are also there to be considered. Traveling could be done solely; as one could ostentatiously show self-freedom. While for those who choose to travel with others, the fun of having group journey is also an unforgettable travel experience not to be missed.

One thing is for sure…always travel safe and smart!

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