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For tech-savvy travelers like most of us these days, we can never go on vacation without our gears and gadgets.  Gone are the days when we had to use maps when navigating routes; or use payphones when keeping in touch with loved ones back home; or travel with heavy backpacks.  Not only are these outdated but they are tremendous travel hassles which could be fended off by using the right traveling tools that readily available.

blue pumpkin
Raise your hand if you still use a map or guidebook! Only when it’s free and easy to understand. Otherwise, Google Maps app it is!  But Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Guide book which I fondly call The Travel Bible is highly recommended.(Blue Pumpkin, Siem Reap April 2016)

Here are the must-have items that could guarantee a more comfortable and safe travel experience.

Thieves are everywhere, even in the safest cities.  So this Pacsafe Portable Safe is a travel must-have especially when there’s no safe in your hotel room.  I actually trust this more than the hotel safe.  It helps secure valuable items such as passports, jewelry, and even your laptop.

How do you keep your valuables safe at all times?  (our AirBnB condo in Bangkok, April 2016)

Looking for the most suitable traveling bag must be a priority. When buying a travel bag, consider all the dragging and hauling that could happen to it.  Choose the most protective, durable yet trendy bag  that can lug all sorts of travel gears securely.  Always look for a bag or luggage with high quality and durability that could withstand any kind of weather and other uncertainties.  Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage  can be used as a backpack and as a rolling suitcase for when you get tired carrying all that weight.

Consider a day bag as well.  You can’t be lugging around your big bag all the time.  You need a smaller bag that can hold and protect your gadgets when you go sight-seeing.  The Kopack Anti-Theft Backpack is most ideal as it’s lightweight but practically indestructible.  Exped Cloudburst Day Bag  is a another good choice.

siem reap
MG’s cute Cath Kidston backpack/day bag for her extra clothes, snacks and water. (Siem Reap, April 2016)

Flight 001 Spacepak packing cubes are a lifesaver for someone like me who is known to be the most disorganized human being on the planet.  It saves time looking for things as you generally pack and unpack items that go together.  For instance, my pants are in one cube, my toiletries are in another and my shirts are all grouped together.  This is the most important invention of the century, IMHO.

Safety Whistle.  This is self-explanatory.  Never leave the house or the city or country without a whistle.  It could practically save your life or someone else’s.  In catastrophes or accidents, this attracts attention especially if you’re lost, get isolated from your group, or stuck under a tree or an elephant (you’ll never know).

I’m a paranoid woman.  At home, I always double check if windows and doors are locked or if my car’s alarm is on.  So you could just imagine how paranoid I am in another country and  in an unfamiliar hotel room. I don’t trust the secondary locks or chains of hotels.  That’s why I always bring with me a Reliable Door Stop just in case someone tries to get inside our room.

Any smartphone.  From the word itself, “smart”, it is truly a must-have gadget to keep you connected. Enormous cell phone choices are now available in the market; each offers diverse features which are intended for various purposes. Instead of carrying a calendar; camera; compass;  currency converter; digital guide books; gaming gadget;  GPS device;  journal;  laptop; maps; MP3 player; notes; watch; and weather guide; try having just one gear.  Get a Smartphone and a Lifeproof Waterproof Case to protect your “lifeline.”

This Titanium Spork would come in handy when restaurants don’t have regular utensils other than chopsticks.  I used to bring disposable ones but they break most of the time and the household ones are too weird to bring as they normally make people look at you in an odd way.  Like why do you bring your utensils with you on trips.  However, this spork is more acceptable and I don’t know why.  Perhaps it looks more appropriate to bring to travels.

I like making lists and jotting down notes.  For some reason, I don’t use my smartphone often enough for schedules and notes.  I guess I’m old school in a way so this All Weather Notebook is perfect.  Rite in the Rain Notebook is durable and can withstand rain, mud and other nasty weather conditions.  No more smudged words or ink.   Just let the pages dry and write on it as you normally would.  Perfect for journaling outdoors and it’s small enough to fit inside your bag.

This towel is just perfect for quick freshening up.  The PackTowl Travel Towel is very lightweight but holds 4x its weight.  And it dries easily, just wring out well.  It won’t cover up your whole body though.  You need a regular towel for that.

Platypus Plus Bottle is a space saver compared to a water bottle.  When empty, just put inside your bag and forget about it.  It doesn’t take up too much space. You won’t even know it’s there until you get thirsty and you need to refill it.  I love this.

Travel Medicine Organizer is just one of those things you’d think you don’t need until you go through all the contents of your bag just to find a pain reliever capsule.  Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson the painful way.

Is this traveling light for you? Riding a tuktuk on our way to our Airbnb accommodation.

Any gadget or valuable friendly clothing such as this Unisex Tank Top with secret pockets. Secret-pockets are excellent for money, credit card, and passport safekeeping. It would be so cool and trendy to invest in travel clothing that would also serve a protective hauling gear, right?

With these gears and gadgets, traveling abroad with much more convenience and style is just within reach.  If you’re the type of person who loves receiving gadgets and gears for Christmas and birthdays, you might also want to check out Prepper Gear Box for some amazing and useful gears every month!

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