Too Good Ubud

fat turtle bali

It was an exhausting first day. Early flight, 3 restaurants already ticked off from our Eat List, 3 cocktails, and lots of walking on Day 1. So we turned in early that night and woke up bright and early for breakfast the following day.

fat turtle bali1

fat turtlebali2

What better way to start your morning than with pancakes, and Red Velvet Pancakes at that courtesy of our next door cafe called The Fat Turtle.  I forgot to ask one of the staff why it was named as such. Perhaps they had a pet turtle before.  I was half expecting a fat turtle strut its way around the cafe but I didn’t see any.   Maybe he’s dead.  Anyway…

fat turtle bali3
MG loved our breakfast and she’s not even fond of pancakes.

fat turtle seminyak

Breakfast was good.  Fluffy pancakes.  Good coffee.  Homey ambience with plenty of interesting trinkets to look at.  All good.  All set for a whole day of activity in UBUD.

Ubud is the health nut central of Bali.  Just kidding.  But it really is in a way because it’s different and laid-back.  People take their time to eat, to walk, to talk.  No rush.  You can find spiritual things to do here — yoga, art, meditation, healing, communing with nature, cleansing.  It is surrounded by rice paddies, rainforest and various temples.  No beach.  If you’re looking for a beach to surf, head to Canggu.  Nature lovers and health nuts would have a feast day here in Ubud.

ubud driver

We hired a driver to take us there.  I got him via recommendations from TripAdvisor.  For 50USD, we had him for the whole day (with vehicle, free gas for 10 hours).  He can take you anywhere you want to go.   We left Seminyak at 10 am.  It was roughly 11am when we reached UBUD.  Ansd it really was a whole new world.

Monkeys are a common sight.
Dominant color is green.
Calming and generally peaceful surrounding.

I would say MG didn’t enjoy Ubud that much because of the monkeys plus it rained in the afternoon.  We weren’t able to explore the flea market and Ubud art market.  I would have wanted to buy a painting as a souvenir but my daughter was getting bored.  All she wanted was to go back to our hotel and watch TV.  #inbetweener

ketut liyer.jpg
One of the reasons why I wanted to visit Ubud.  Have a session with Ketut Liyer of Eat Pray Love movie

What we did manage to do was visit a temple, the Tenggalagang Rice Terraces and a spiritual cum palm reading session with the son of Ketut Liyer.  Remember Ketut from the movie Eat Pray Love?  Check out our Mini Guide on Ubud.

If I had more time and if MG were older, I would squeeze in a yoga session and cooking lesson.  I know for sure that MG and I will enjoy that.


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