Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant in Krabi

If there’s one thing that travelers always include in their itinerary, it’s the FOOD!  And you’d be crazy not to try Thai food, least of all in Thailand!  So in Krabi, we ate at Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant.  During our visit last January 2015, it was ranked 2nd in Trip Advisor’s list of restaurants to try in Ao Nang.  But as of writing, it’s now no. 1.  I’m not surprised at all.  It’s still one of the best meals I’ve had.

Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant8
Ton Ma Yom Thai Restaurant in Krabi

The location can be quite hard to find.  Even with a local driver.  But if you have time on your side and a bit of that adventure bone, it can prove to be a scenic drive.  Krabi is a beautiful island.  It’s similar to El Nido with its limestone karsts that are as high as any major city skyscrapers.  I promised myself that I’d be back and stay longer.  We only had the whole afternoon to explore the island and it was not enough.  So I just had 3 agenda on my list: go to Ao Nang beach, have coffee at a local bakery and have lunch at Ton Ma Yom Restaurant.

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Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant

I can’t rave about Ton Ma Yom enough. Charming dining area, open kitchen, incredible food, hands-on owner/Chef and the beautiful garden that surrounds the place.  You wouldn’t think that it’s just a house converted into a restaurant in a residential area.  The only thing that’s missing is the beach but it was a fabulous meal nonetheless.

Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant1
Of course, we ordered Thai Iced Tea.  With Krabi’s so hot weather, this refreshing drink is perfect.
Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant4
Tom Yam Soup.  My mouth waters just thinking about this dish.  I love this dish especially here where it’s brimming with shrimp, mushrooms and cilantro.  Throw in cilantro and I’m happy girl.  You may also request to tone down the “spicy-ness” if you’re not used to the regular Thai-spicy level of the dishes.
Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant5
Not sure what we ordered here but it was also delish.  The prawns were succulent and fresh and my kid loved the young corn.
Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant3
Oh, I love this dish.  Too bad I can’t remember the name.  I tried recreating this dish at home based only on taste.  I may have been successful one time but that was it.  Wish I knew what they call this dish so I can google the recipe.  It’s sweet and spicy and it’s perfect with freshly-cooked rice.
Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant7
We finished the whole damn spread!  Can you believe it?!

So there you have it – our lovely lunch at Ton Ma Yom Thai Restaurant.  If you’re thinking of a trip to Krabi,  I 100% recommend this restaurant as it’s one of the best.  No, it’s actually no.1! ;=)

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