The Hong Kong Observation Wheel

the hong kong observation wheel7
The Hong Kong Observation Wheel from the IFC Mall bridgeway

I didn’t plan much for our recent trip to Hong Kong.  My plans generally involved just eating, Hong Kong Disneyland, extensive coffee consumption and one thing I really wanted to do was get on THE WHEEL!

the hong kong observation wheel6
That’s the International Finance Center (IFC) which is stunning at night.

It’s Hong Kong’s answer to the Singapore Flyer and England’s London Eye.  It’s another avenue to see the sweeping and beautiful skyline of Hong Kong without obstruction as it’s literally on the Central Pier (between 9 and 10).  Each gondola can hold at least 8 passengers but since there weren’t too many people during our visit, we had the gondola all to ourselves.

The best time to ride the observation wheel is at night when the buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbor are lit.  Plus the whole wheel comes to life with its trippy blue light.

the hong kong observation wheel5

Each gondola is air-conditioned and is wiped clean before your turn.  The ride takes around 4 or 5 rotations or around 15 to 20 minutes and none of that start stop you encounter with other rides.  It was a good thing there was hardly anybody around on a Wednesday night.

the hong kong observation wheel
Line or queue starts here.
the hong kong observation wheel2
Kowloon from afar
the hong kong observation wheel4
The Central Business District
the hong kong observation wheel3
The Wheel is 60 meters high.  Not recommended for anyone with fear of heights.

If you ever get hungry after the ride or thirsty after a stroll along the harbor, you can grab a hotdog, waffle or ice cream at the only food stall in the area.  We just came from dinner and didn’t get to try the food.  Cold drinks are also available as well as coffee which would have been nice to have as the place is perfect for a warm cup of cappuccino and there’s wifi!  But we had other plans.  I was bent on trying Fuel (another cafe) in IFC Mall for my Hong Kong Coffee Crawl series.

the hong kong observation wheel1
The lone food stall in the compound.  There are other food options at the nearby Central Pier.

It was a fun and worthwhile experience and I would recommend that you include this in your itinerary.  Ticket costs 100HKD (600php) for adults and 70HKD (420php) for kids under 12 years old. Getting there can be quite a walk from IFC Mall but you can always take a cab.

For more info, check this link right HERE.

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