The Conservatory at Charlie’s Baler



After spending a few weeks at home and getting back to our usual routine,  I knew I had to hit the road again sooner than later.  I needed to see more of nature and go slow after our crazy and caffeine-induced trip to Hong Kong.  I was torn between mountain climbing or paddling.  In the end, a road trip to the beach won over roughing it in the mountains.

It was our first time to stay at The Conservatory at Charlie’s.  I came across The Conservatory via Instagram.  I saw a post by someone I stalk constantly for her travels.  She didn’t specifically say where it was so I still did some research.  If you must know, travel requires a bit of work and Googling.  So a few minutes on the net got me loads of info about the place.

Our chill spot

The first time we’ve been to Baler was late last year and I remember enjoying our vacation.  It was just right before the storm hit the Eastern part of the Philippines.  It was raining most days but it was also dry and sunny after a hard rain.  Thankfully the weather cooperated during this trip.  It only rained one time and it was short and sweet.  Just enough downpour to cool down what would have been a very hot and humid morning.

conservatory at charlie's baler

Anyway, the most exciting part of the trip is the idea of camping near the beach. We’ve already tried camping in Soloviento Lake Caliraya and it was a good introduction to sleeping outdoors.  Hotels can be a bit boring sometimes.  And there’s no better place to wake up in the morning with an amazing view of the sea and the sound of its calming waves.

Enjoying lunch just outside our tent

Another good thing about staying here is that it’s all inclusive.  Rate is per head and you get 3 major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus two snacks and free use of the paddle board and kayak.  Coffee and bananas are also provided which is the perfect meal combo after a paddle session. But what’s more amazing was we got to sleep on a mattress with crisp linen and the most fluffy pillows inside a spacious tent.

Kayaking and SUP just before sundown
Paddling while the sun sets over the horizon

There’s no electricity but believe me when I tell you that it’s not entirely a bad thing.  No unnecessary distractions.  There is a lounge area per tent ideal for catching up on your reading and also a picnic table for your meals. Clean outdoor shower feature and comfort room complete with tissue paper and bidet more than make up for the absence of electricity.

Not your usual shower area
Miss hanging out here

A favorite area is the chill spot overlooking the sea and river.  We’ve had way too many cups of coffee here just enjoying the view of the mountain and sea.

This view never gets old.

From sunrise to sundown, there is so much to love about The Conservatory at Charlie’s.  You won’t miss the TV here nor the wifi or internet.  Just bring a good book and play your favorite set on Spotify and just relax.



Charging station for your gadgets (powered by a wind turbine)

But if you must do something other than chill, Sabang Beach is just 15 minutes away by car.  You can surf there.  Do long walks.  Explore the town.  Visit the Museo or shop for pasalubong.

We had a great time.  It was not what I expected.  We got more than what we paid for.  The staff were great.  They knew what we needed even before we asked for it.  And they worked quietly and unobtrusively.  We would often be surprised that hot water for coffee was already replenished and our plates were already cleared.  And they fed us well.  We were spoiled.  Can’t wait to go back this summer.

This way to the beach
You must wake up early to witness the sunrise.

This video pretty much sums up our stay here.  It was Chill all the way!

The Conservatory at Charlie’s Point
Brgy. Reserva, Baler, Aurora
Booked through The Easy Adventure Facebook page


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