Templed Out in Bangkok

The Grand Palace
Me at the Grand Palace grounds
With my daughter MG

We love being able to spend more time in one city or country but in Bangkok, we only had 3 full days to do whatever it was we came there to do.  First things first, temples…and there’s a lot of temples in Bangkok.  It’s overwhelming but at the same time, when you’ve been walking the whole morning and afternoon looking at temples and statues, you lose interest and everything seems ordinary.

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No picture-taking allowed inside but I was outside when I took the photo. I’m bad. Wag tularan! But at least,  I was not as obvious as this couple.

Wat Pho
Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

That’s what happened to us during our temple day in Bangkok.  We got all templed out.  But it’s still a must for first-time visitors. The temples, especially the Grand Palace, won’t fail to impress.  So opulent you’d wonder what goes on behind those walls, inside that huge palace and the many smaller ones scattered all over this compound and what’s it like to hold ceremonies and official royal events there.

Palace guard, a man who can’t be moved.


You’d also wonder how outside of these walls, there are such places as Patpong (red light district) and Khao San Road where drinking and partying are expected from those who decide to drop by and stay, the exact opposite of what goes on inside.

Without a doubt, Bangkok is unique, bustling, very interesting and different.

TIP:  Just don’t do temples in one day.  Break it up so you can appreciate the history and beauty of each temple.

Very tired. It was extremely hot that day.

For anyone and everyone in search of a different culture with mild-mannered people in a vibrant and busy metropolis, look no further than Bangkok.

SIDE NOTE: Wear decent clothes when visiting any temple in Bangkok.  No short shorts and sleeveless tops, cropped tops or the like. Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily remove as most temples don’t allow shoes inside.  Bring water , umbrella, extra shirt, towel to avoid heat and possible dehydration.

We love going to new places and I just realized that Bangkok was the second city that we had been to that was very new to us. Not too long ago we were just in Bali.  Past travels would always take us to Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia which by now I can say we’re now very familiar with.  Anyway, the reason I brought this up is I somehow forgot how it was to be in an unfamiliar place.   In Bangkok, I needed to remember how to begin a trip, how to get around, how to appreciate new tastes, and how to get excited again.  Although each travel is just as exciting, there’s nothing more exciting than being in a new place for the first time and to remember how lucky we are to be there.

We loved Bangkok and we hope we could stay longer next time and probably see and do the temples more meaningfully.

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  1. What a beautiful place to explore. Love the pic of you behind the guard hehehe.

  2. Wow! Those temples are gorgeous. I do not think I visited a temple before. The photo of you behind the guard is funny yet priceless.

  3. It is always nice to see another part of the world from the eyes of a traveler like you.

  4. What a beauty. Every bit of it was absolutely extravagant. Given the chance to be there, I will try to have a picture of that Buddha too (whether inside or outside, we’ll see). That Thai guard is so fierced even if you do the wacky behind him.

  5. Ria C says: Reply

    When we visited those temples, it was raining cats and dogs but we still enjoyed, especially my mum and mum-in-law who had free massage near the Reclining Buddha.

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