• Destination
  • Bohol: On VIDEO!

    I finally got around to finishing our BOHOL video diary.  This was taken last year.  Imagine, it’s one year in the making because you know how it is. Life happened among other things.  It got push back so many times.  But here it is, finally! We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived in Tagbilaran. […]

  • cebu
  • The Henry Hotel Cebu

    Alright, so we went to Cebu to eat.  Just eat.  Call us crazy but that was the plan and we had 4 days to do it. Although Cebu boasts of picturesque beaches, we just weren’t interested to laze around. We just came from Boracay prior to this trip and we were sunburnt, hungover, and tired of […]

  • Local
  • Hello, La Union!

    Somewhere two years ago, La Union ended up in my “someday” list. You know that place you’ll someday see, adventures you’ll someday do, and restaurants and food you’ll someday try.  You know those things you save for another day because you just don’t have time for it or the enthusiasm isn’t quite there yet.  Well, […]