Street Art Around the World

My daughter knows she’s in trouble every time we come across murals, pretty colored walls, and surfaces.  If we included floors, she would be in deep sh*t!  LOLs.  I don’t know where this obsession started but it’s kind of hilarious how I would include street art hunting in our itinerary whenever we visit a new place.  So imagine the research, the googling and Instagram stalking that happen before a trip just to find out which street art is worth finding and take photos of.

I guess it started in Penang and it evolved from there.  Initially, I was only taking photos of the art but later on, I would include my daughter in the picture.  These days, it would be a toss between my daughter and I (If we’re lucky, we’d be both in the picture with the mural if someone else would take it.  I’m not so good at selfies).

Penang is known worldwide for its street art and murals.  Easily my favorite place for street art.  Next is Singapore and just recently Hong Kong when we explored Sheung Wan extensively last year.

These are my top 3 favorites.  Perhaps, I should make another post for all the street art photos we’ve taken around Penang.  They’re so many.

By Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic
I want bao! by Ernest Zacharevic (near Lebuh Victoria)
penang street art
Boy on a motorbike also by Ernest Zacharevic (near Jalan Pantai)


And in Malacca, this Orangutan gets it!

orangutan house malacca
The Orangutan House in Malacca

Hong Kong isn’t quite there yet when it comes to street art compared to Penang and Singapore.  They’re  mostly graffiti.  But HKWALLS, an art festival on its 2nd year,  aims to make art more accessible to everyone.   The festival’s motto, “We need walls.  You need art.”  Can’t wait to see them next time we visit Hong Kong.

“We need walls.  You need art.”

street art hong kong1
Pikachu and cat.  I actually don’t know the title of this mural but I’m pretty sure Pikachu was not commissioned art.  But the cat is.  (Hong Kong)
street art hong kong
Eyes on Shing Wong Street by Marbella based artist Victoriano (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)


Meanwhile, in Singapore, murals and street art can be seen in major neighborhoods like Tiong Bahru, Arab Quarter, Chinatown and even along Haji Lane, the hipster street near Kampong Glam.

street art singapore
Mural on the walls of Piedra Negra in Haji Lane (Singapore)
One of the murals by Jaba. He has done quite a lot in Singapore.


In Tiong Bahru and Everton, Yip Yew Chong did heritage murals depicting historical scenes of bygone days.

street art tiong bahru5
Amah by young artist Yip Yew Chong located at Everton Road
street art tiong bahru4
Bird Singing Corner also by Yip Yew Chong near Por Kee Eating House in Tiong Bahru.


And in Keong Saik by RippleRoot

street art singapore3
Mural by Ripple Root we just happened to walk past by after our breakfast in Tong Ah Eating House.  It must be finished by now.  I wonder how it looks.

What’s nice about street art and murals is that streets are free to wander and the murals are free to gawk at.  It’s the cheapest way to get to know a city or neighborhood.  Just invest in good quality walking shoes.

On the list of future Street Art explorations:

Melbourne, Australia

Cartagena, Colombia

Lima, Peru

La Paz, Bolivia


Shoreditch, London

Lisbon, Portugal


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