Singapore on the CHEAP

I travel on the cheap usually.  Cheap meaning I don’t spend so much on hotels.  What’s the point?  You’ll be out the whole day, anyway.  But I try to eat at the best restaurants once or twice during a trip and the rest would be restos or cafes where locals mostly eat at.  Shopping?  Only when necessary. It works well for me and I still have enough money after the trip to spend on a local trip.

dorsett singapore
Our hotel room in Dorsett Singapore

But Singapore is a whole other playing field.  It’s not cheap.  Hotel rooms are expensive.  I can get a suite in Malaysia for $100 but in Singapore, it would only be a decent enough room with little to no amenities at all. I know that it’s still part of Southeast Asia but it’s so different in so many ways.  It’s fancy, to say the least.  And most of the time, my money is wiped out after an SG holiday.

But I love Singapore and I’d go there at a drop of a hat. I fell completely in love with the city the first time I went there.  The people are polite. It’s clean and organized.  It’s safe.  Plus there’s hawker food. =)

tiong bahru hawker
Lining up for curry at the Tiong Bahru Hawker Market


lau pa sat
Laksa at Lau Pa Sat

If you’re a cheapskate like me, you’d appreciate hawker food. And because of Singapore’s diversity, you’d never get bored with the food.  There are dishes from India, China, Malaysia and even the Philippines.

haji lane
Kampong Glam


arab quarter
The Arab Quarter


tiong nahru
Beautiful Tiong Bahru


So is it possible to travel on the cheap in Singapore?  A resounding YES!  Because Singapore is small, you can practically walk from one point to another.  I have always explored the areas of Bugis, Kampong Glam, Arab Quarter and Chinatown on foot.  Just wear comfortable shoes.  And if walking is not your thing, there’s always cheap but efficient MRT.


singapore mrt
Clean and reliable MRT in Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore

You will spend on main attractions such as Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer and the Night Safari but there are free attractions as well.  Seeing the Merlion is free.  There are temples, too.  People watching in the park is a good way to have some downtime after all that walking.  Visit the malls and in Singapore, they’re huge and aplenty.  Both are free to do and can be entertaining as well.  And don’t forget to travel during off season.  I don’t suggest you visit during Chinese New Year and Christmas season.  Too many people.


One of the upscale malls in Orchard Road

There you go.  It’s indeed possible to do Singapore on the cheap!

Not fond of DIY tours?  You can join one of these tours, and don’t forget to compare hotels, vacation rentalsrooms, or even homes for your trip before you go. 


Not fond of DIY tours?  You can join one of these tours, and don’t forget to compare hotels, vacation rentalsrooms, or even homes for your trip before you go. And never leave home without Travel Insurance!


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