Side Trip: Malacca

I had one mission during our stay in Malacca: to eat as much Chicken Rice Balls as we possibly can. Mission accomplished.  This was 3 or 4 years ago when we made a side trip here from our 3rd visit to Singapore.  We haven’t been back since and it looks like it would take long time to see this city again.  So this post just serves as a remembrance of this fun side trip until such time we can come back to  Malacca and explore more.

Malacca is just 2 hours away from Singapore by bus.  The city is colorful, artsy, and filled with culture.  Like Penang, it’a  also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  An obvious quirk or attribute this city has is its high tolerance for food, in particular, street food.  We may not have sampled most but at least we got to try what we really came here for.

First stop Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls along Jonker Walk…

A young MG just before lunch at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball along Jonker Walk.
Inside Hoe Kee.
Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball of Malacca
The famous Chicken Rice Ball of Malacca
I love this dipping sauce.

So, how was it?  Not a fan.  I still prefer Hainanese Chicken Rice over this but the dipping sauce is something else — sour, sweet, salty — it was delicious and really adds a little something something to the chicken.  And since we’re already on the topic of Jonker Walk, let me show you around.

Along Jonker Walk…

Our taxi dropped us here as Jonker Walk was closed to vehicular traffic.
Jonker Walk
I’m such a sucker for colorful shophouses and Malacca is one of those cities filled with this type of architecture.  Like Penang, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Malacca UNESCO Jonker Walk
Fancy a foot massage?  You can and have it at this shop house.
Melaka Street Map
Melaka Street Map
Jonker Walk in Malacca
Customized cellphone accessories sold here.
I don’t know what this is. Probably a temple…
jonker walk
A woman doing calligraphy art and uses her arm in the absence of her hands.
jonker walk
Light bulb strings of different colors and make.
jonker walk
jonker walk malacca
You can actually find all sorts of items for sale along Jonker Walk.
jonker walk
We found a park with sculptures of animals and this mister who has a lot of titles under his belt– Mr. Melaka, Mr. Asia, Mr. Universe and the Father of Bodybuilders in Malaysia.
jonker walk park
Of course, there’s a dragon. There’s always a dragon.
jonker walk park
And an elephant…

SIDE NOTE: More on Malacca in future posts.  You might be interested in Penang or Katong which are quite similar to Malacca in terms of architecture. If it’s food you want, head on over to Singapore and experience how to eat cheap in the expensive city.

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