Satchmi: Vinyl & Coffee Combo Please!

In this Coffee Crawl series, I round up cafes or coffee shops I visited in a particular country, district or city.  I realize that I won’t barely scratch the surface of a city’s coffee scene — so readers, feel free to recommend a cafe.  ULTIMATE GOAL:  Coffee crawl in Melbourne!

Satchmi Cafe in SM Megamall
Not your typical cafe. Vinyl records, record players, headphones on display and are for sale!
satchmi-cafe (3)
Let’s stop and talk awhile. I’m in the wrong TV commercial. #notnescafe
I remember that scissor gate from my childhood.

When was the last time I did a coffee crawl?  Vietnam.  We love our coffee crawl in Vietnam.  I can’t count how many cups of Vietnamese coffee I had in Ho Chi Minh but I’m pretty sure it was a lot.  But right after Ho Chi Minh, I was over coffee for awhile.  In fact, I never thought I could last 2 months without coffee.  But I did.

Last Sunday I had my brows threaded.  It was still early to go home so a quick peek at Zomato app showed a coffee shop with high ratings. Bingo!  So we trooped to the 4th floor of SM Megamall after our lunch at Din Tai Fung.  By the way, it was a good lunch.  I love the Rose Iced Tea.  I was hoping for a Bandung but it was delicious nonetheless.

satchmi-cafe (7)
Satchmi also serves sandwiches, bruschetta and soup.

Satchmi.  Sounds hipster but it’s not.  It’s more old school.  The atmosphere was very relaxed with plenty of seating.  There’s a sofa near the counter and several wooden tables in the main area.  They sell vinyl records as well as cameras, record players, headphones, and other accessories.  There’s even a listening room in one corner.  It’s a cool place to hang out. No snobs and know-it-alls who raise their eyebrows once you start stirring sugar into your cup of coffee.  #damnhipsters

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satchmi-cafe (4)
New York Cheesecake and my Flat White

There’s also wi-fi.  I also saw some students doing projects so I guess the cafe doesn’t mind if anyone overstays or lingers on a single order of coffee.  Good.  I love places like that.

So let’s move to the coffee part.  For purposes of comparison, I always order the Flat white.  If it’s not available, I’d settle for a cappuccino.  Good thing Satchmi has Flat White.  Nothing extraordinary that would make me jump out of my seat with excitement.  It’s decent.  Full-bodied, strong but smooth.  I like it.  I think I may be dropping by again as soon as my eyebrows need another threading which was the original reason why we even went to Megamall in the first place.  Us QC girls rarely go out of our comfort zone.  And you know why…TRAFFIC!

The New York Cheesecake is good, too.  We’ll try the sandwiches next time.

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