Roots and Roast at The Commons

Our intention is to build first a community, then a mall.

Nice, right?!  That is the objective of The Commons.  It refuses to become just one of them malls, lost in the commercialization that is all too typical and easy these days.

The Commons at Thong Lor.  Free mats for when you want to cop a squat, have coffee and chat with friends.

I discovered The Commons by chance as one of the coffee shops I wanted to visit for my coffee crawl transferred here.  All I really wanted was coffee at the Roots but I got so much more.  The visit became a day of discovery.  I was amazed at the space and all the outlets there.  It’s like a well curated exhibit housed in this modern building.  There is nothing amiss.  Every little piece or in this case, every little shop or restaurant complement one another.

Impressed with this space…and HEIGHT!

The place is actually perfect for me.  Like what I wrote about here on how I hate shopping in huge supermarkets, I also have the same disgust with big malls.  I guess I’m really old.  I have these Tita moments once in awhile.  I have only been to MOA once and that was just to pick up a friend.  You’ll never catch me shopping there and I only go to SM Megamall for my eyebrows and occasionally try some new resto since we’re there already.

That’s why The Commons was seriously built for the likes of me. If I wanted coffee, I’d go to Roots.  If I wanted brunch, I’d go to Roast.  If I don’t know what I want, there are at least 20 other restaurants in “The Market” plus a yoga studio and shops that offer unique items.  There is something for everyone here and yet, it doesn’t overwhelm us with choices.   Everything I want is there and I don’t have to choose from a wide selection just to weed out the best.

Roots at The Commons.  Looks like a science laboratory but the beakers, syringes and test tubes are replaced with espresso machine, latte cups, and coffee beans.
Missing my Iced Cafe Au Lait. One of the best Cafe Au Laits I’ve had.  I didn’t get the kind of coffee beans they used here but it was so good.

Roots Coffee Roaster is first and foremost a coffee supplier to its sister restaurant Roast and other coffee shops in Bangkok.  It also offers coffee appreciation classes as well as barista training courses. It was packed that morning so we had to find seat outside.  Other shops at The Market were closed and still prepping. We were there before 9am.  We left the condo early as to avoid a possible confrontation with my friend.  We had a misunderstanding the night before.

Plenty of outdoor seating at The Commons


Next on the agenda was brunch at the Roast.  Roast is an all day dining cafe that focuses on simple home-cooked style brunch, nothing fancy, but serves fantastic freshly roasted coffee that is to die for.

Peach Iced Tea
Complimentary bread and butter
Brunch people at the Roast
Another coffee. This time, a cappuccino.

SIDE NOTE: Roots and Roast are the brainchild of Varatt Vichit-Vadakan.  He’s the guy you go to for everything coffee and brunch too, I suppose.


I ordered Corned Beef Hash. It’s homemade Corned Beef, Sautéed Potatoes, Poached Egg


Visit The Commons Facebook Page for weekly events and activities.

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