Precynct at The Grove by Rockwell

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In this Coffee Crawl series, I round up cafes or coffee shops I visited in a particular country, district or city.  I realize that I won’t barely scratch the surface of a city’s coffee scene — so readers, feel free to recommend a cafe.  ULTIMATE GOAL:  Coffee crawl in Melbourne!

During the week, you can often find me at 7-11 buying Mochaccino. Why? It’s the next best thing to a cup of Flat White I normally get from my favorite coffee shops.  Like other cities around the world, the coffee culture in the Philippines is on the up and up.  But the downside is there’s only a handful of great cafes in Quezon City and most of them are located in places where traffic gets from bad to worse.

Thank God for 7-11, there’s practically one in every neighborhood.  It’s a lifesaver as I seldom drink instant coffee.  I’m not choosy or anything.  I just want coffee other than the instant variety.  Starbucks is a no-no as they make the worst cappuccino.  They mess up the whole coffee to milk ratio each and every time.


precynct the grove3
These days latte art is just as important as the coffee beans.  Presentation is key.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I  visit popular cafes during my travels. I do coffee crawls in other words.  I would like to do the same here so let’s start off with Precynct.

precynct the grove2
Flat White.  Are these Acme cups? Not really sure.

I just discovered it when my friends and I decided to have lunch at a Japanese resto at The Grove by Rockwell.  We were early so we decided to have coffee first while we waited for another friend to join us.

precynct the grove
‘ve got to try something from the GIN menu

As usual, I ordered Flat White.  It was good.  It seemed familiar then I realized that Yardstick supplies the coffee beans they use.  And I love Yardstick.  No wonder I also love Precynct.  It’s a new favorite.  Too bad it’s located not so near my place.  But I would definitely be back soon to try the food.

Menu includes breakfast items as well as sandwiches and mains.  I would probably try the Sriracha Chicken with Lemon, Bukidnon Honey and aioli. The 14-hour Pork Belly sounds good, too.


  • The Grove by Rockwell 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Barangay Ugong, Pasig City
  • 1604 Pasig, Philippines

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