Packing Guide in a Flash

Planning for a trip requires immense time and effort. Listing and buying travel essentials vary depending on the length, the destination and the purpose of a trip. Most travelers find the packing stage tremendously stressful. But for seasoned travelers, the preparations needed could be less of a hassle by just remembering the mnemonic term FLASH”.

My trusty luggage.  Just the right hand carry size.  Would you believe that there’s another bag inside just in case I do some shopping?!  And why it’s wrapped with plastic?  Well, only Filipinos would understand.  #laglagbala

F – Flexible
Being flexible at all times makes trips more fun and enjoyable. Changes could happen constantly. Travelers should have no fixed itineraries.  They should have room and be prepared for changes.  Delayed flights or bad weather conditions could ruin a trip; nevertheless always anticipate such uncertainties. Be flexible enough to do backup solutions. Have fewer expectations to avoid frustrations; rather, try to welcome surprises to make a trip more exciting.
L – Light
A lightly packed luggage is perfect for travelers who are constantly on the move. Usually, a traveler’s luggage could weigh around 30 to 40 lbs.  But I try to keep my luggage below 20 lbs. No unnecessary wardrobe and other contingent stuff needed.
A – Alert
Travelers should always be alert. Carrying high-tech gadgets, bags should always be equipped with luggage locks to fully secure your gear. Also, use weatherproof bags to protect such high-tech gadgets from unforeseen weather changes. Thus, always be ready and alert.
S – Smart
Enhanced by years of traveling, seasoned travelers are getting smarter than ever. Plus we now have the internet to read about raves and reviews as well as rants and precautions about a certain destination.  Having learned from vast experiences, I somehow know most essential things to jot down on my checklist. Depending on the destination, I may bring along few, but mostly valued and essential gear. Weatherproof backpack, travel documents, cash money, credit cards, laptop, smart phone, charger, plug adaptor with surge protector, clothing, footwear, padlock, flashlight, basic toiletry kit, and mini first aid kit- are the most common things found in my bag. On the other hand, other traveling gadgets are carried for added convenience.
H – Healthy
One could never enjoy a fun travel adventure if health is being compromised. One could never be sure on what is safe to eat and drink during travels. Bringing medicines like Loperamide (for diarrhea) and water purifier tablets could serve as helpful precautionary aids.  I always bring the following: paracetamol for headaches, flu, cough and colds medicine, loperamide, anti-motion sickness tabs, and antacids.

How the inside looks like

To sum it up, every little detail is considered for my utmost comfort and convenience. So, always remember the keyword – FLASH. Being FLEXIBLE, LIGHT, ALERT, SMART and HEALTHY could surely make a stress-free travel experience.

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