Noordin Mews in Georgetown

I don’t normally spend a lot on accommodation but this was one of those rare trips that we chose not to stay in a hotel.  Wish I could say I found Noordin Mews through Roomarama or AirBnB so it would seem cooler but no, I found this through  By the way, this post is not affiliated with either.

Noordin Mews in Georgetown, Penang

Noordin Mews met my requirements with flying colors. The boutique hotel is located in a pre-war shophouse and in the city center.  The place is beautiful and well-kept. Once you step inside, you feel like you are transported to another time. Only there’s a swimming pool which would instantly take you back to the present and entice you to take a dip. Rate is reasonable. Not affordable but reasonable if according to my preference.  I never spend more than 4,000php on accommodation.

What greets you once you get past the reception area. Love the antique cabinets, flooring and the bits and pieces of their grandiose vision of the past.


noordin news
What it looks like at night
The dining area

The rooms are big. We got a regular queen-size bed plus a day bed. It’s adorned with antique pieces and old photos of people. My kid was freaked out at first and asked me to take them down as she felt like those women in the photos were staring at her. Silly kid! But I loved the design. Everything was there to pique one’s curiosity. We ultimately stayed 1 day longer than planned as we felt that 3 days in Penang wasn’t enough to cover everything.

noordin news
Queen size bed  and my kid’s stuff toys.  This is what travelling with kids looks like.


noordin news
I love the antique furniture including that mirrored dresser.
noordin news
Products from the past in a glass cabinet.
noordin news
The day bed.  Old photos and magazine covers adorn the walls of our room.

It’s also worth noting that breakfast here is one of the best I’ve had. The coffee, which one can only find in Malaysia particularly in this hotel and aboard Star Cruises, is to die for.

Our view every breakfast

I loved everything about our breakfast.  From the sausage to how they cooked our eggs, the bread, butter and jam to complement the whole meal to the perfect morning weather.  And the staff were nice.  Most were Pinoys, that’s why.  Needless to say, this was one of the highlights of our trip. Each morning, I looked forward to breakfast as I knew I’d be having that delicious coffee while chatting with our kababayans.

Our usual table during breakfast



Well curated and filling breakfast. Always a good start to a day full of activities!
French Toast here is the bomb. Had this for 4 consecutive mornings.

All the above and the desire to experience Penang culture made our trip most memorable.  I guess that must be the reason why Penang has a special place in my heart.  Similar to Singapore where every trip makes me feel right at home. Without even trying!!

Noordin Mews
53 Lebuh Noordin
Penang, Malaysia
+60 4-263 7125

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