Mugshot Cafe Penang

In this Coffee Crawl series, I round up cafes or coffee shops I visited in a particular country, district or city.  I realize that I won’t barely scratch the surface of a city’s coffee scene — so readers, feel free to recommend a cafe.  ULTIMATE GOAL:  Coffee crawl in Melbourne!

mugshot cafe penang
Mugshot Cafe Penang

Why do I drink coffee?  It’s really not about the buzz or the jolt I get from it.  That’s not the reason.  I can get that from a 30 minute nap or a slice of cake (sugar rush).  “Why,” I asked myself.   Then I realize that I actually drink coffee to pause.  To pause from the busy-ness.  To pause from the morning rush.  To reflect.  That’s what coffee does to me.  Coffee is an excuse to stop what I’m doing and just do nothing but enjoy a cuppa.  But sometimes I just really need the jolt.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t know where to stay in Penang?  Noordin Mews is a lovely boutique hotel in the heart of George Town.

mugshot cafe penang1

In Penang, there is one such cafe that I go to when I need to pause.  Mugshot Cafe.  This is my favorite cafe in Chulia.  Don’t be deceived by the name.  There’s no crime or criminals here.  Just good cappuccino plus more.

mugshot cafe penang3
Don’t forget to take your mugshot here.

So after a whole day of walking, shopping and sight-seeing, I go here for some quiet time before actually going back to the hotel.  It’s a nice way to end my day.  Of course, there’s wifi.  The place is quite unique.  The people recognize me immediately.  They probably know how I want my cappuccino.  In fact, there’s a good chance they’re halfway done making my cup even before I find a table.

First time in Penang?  You should not miss this!

mugshot cafe penang4

Mugshot Cafe is known for 3 things:  Coffee, bagel and homemade yogurt.

mugshot cafe penang cappuccino
Cappuccino & Bagel

I usually grab some bagel, with banana and nutella, the only kind my daughter and I always agree on no matter what. It’s a no brainer choice. Bagels are freshly baked daily.

mugshot cafe penang bagel

The cafe is filled with antiques and curios.

mugshot cafe penang6

mugshot cafe penang8

mugshot cafe penang7
There’s also Jenga.

As for coffee?  It’s good.  Every nice thing here would fall apart if the coffee is terrible.  If you’re heading to Penang and searching for a good cafe to relax,  this is the perfect place for you.

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