Hello, La Union!

la union 2
San Juan Surf Resort

Somewhere two years ago, La Union ended up in my “someday” list. You know that place you’ll someday see, adventures you’ll someday do, and restaurants and food you’ll someday try.  You know those things you save for another day because you just don’t have time for it or the enthusiasm isn’t quite there yet.  Well, surprise surprise! We had nothing to do one weekend and Tagaytay was just too crowded, Clark was just too damn near and Subic…what should we do there?!

la union
The new El Union.  Our fave!

What about La Union? I heard “it’s all happening” place with photos of surfing flooding my Instagram and Facebook. La Union never appealed to me.  I thought it was just another boring province similar to Tarlac where we spent most summers at my Grandparents’ house.  Looking back, I think I would appreciate Tarlac more now for its peace and quiet.  But when you’re a 13 year old, you just don’t want peace and quiet for summer.  You want the beach.

la union 1
Sinanglaw at Halo Halo de Iloko

Anyway, going back to La Union, at least it had the “beach.” So that convinced us to give La Union a try and guess what, we loved it!  We loved it so much that we were there again the following week and right now, practically every chance we have, we go to La Union.

la union 4
Morning view

So why would you ever go to La Union? For the fiery sunsets and strong waves. For early morning surf.   For the food and 5pm cocktails.  For the warm people.  For Sinanglaw!  We really love La union, far more than we thought we would.

la union 3
Fiery sunset

Watch how much fun La Union is for us.

More La Union posts soon!

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