Hello from Australia!

And just like that, it’s November.  We’re actually back from Australia. It’s been two weeks since we first landed in the land down under.  Sydney was our first stop.  We spent a good full week sightseeing, eating, bonding and boozing (lots of it) with friends, and freezing.

Reunited after so many years.
The Gang. We go way back.  This was taken in the elevator on our way up to the Sydney Tower.

It was cold.  Four days into our trip and while my friends were exclaiming how nice the weather was, I, on the other hand, was miserable and still hadn’t adjusted to the cold.  But I had no choice but get used to the weather and whatever body heat and resources I had during those two weeks were used extensively, that’s for sure.  I got sick at one point and had to recover and stay indoors for a day.  It helped tremendously and I was out and about the following day for our trip to Melbourne.  If you’re interested in our 2-week itinerary, you can find it here.

Visit Australia
Of course, when in Australia, one must eat steak.

But as expected and I knew this all along, Melbourne was even colder than Sydney.  But that didn’t dampen my freezing cold spirit and butt as I was actually looking forward to explore the city and have an obscene amount of flat white. And not even the 40 degree weather can ruin my excitement.  Just say coffee and I’m there in an instant.  I am a coffee nut.  That’s why this Melbourne trip was important to me.  I wanted to immerse myself in Melby’s cafe culture.

Padre at the Queen Victoria Market
We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it.

Here’s the truth.  While most would disagree with this observation, I find that Sydney is the ideal city to live in while Melbourne is a great place to visit.

visit sydney
If you’re not from Australia, wearing shorts is definitely a no-no in Melbourne during spring. But in Sydney, weather is much much more bearable and we got lucky we even experienced temperature in its mid-20s.

Aside from the fact that it’s colder in Melbourne which is one thing I’m not too crazy about, Melbourne is too hip and happening for me.  I don’t think I could ever get used to it or live up to the vibe of the city. It’s lively…for a lack of a better term. It would be nice to experience this kind of “vibe” once in awhile.  But to go through it everyday would only zap the life out of me.  I’d probably be thinking of going out of the city every weekend to relax and reboot.  That’s how I see Melbourne.  A place to visit once in awhile when life gets boring and monotonous.

Sundays at Queen Victoria Market

Sydney is more laid-back or perhaps, staying with friends in the suburbs has a lot to do with my observations.  Having spent most of our time in Penrith (an hour away from the city proper) may have a big impact on how I see this city.

One of our late-night drinking sessions. Always super fun!

My best friend and her family hosted the whole gang during this trip and we had a lot of downtime — cooking and having meals together, storytelling, catching up — normal things people do.  It felt more like a big reunion rather than a vacation.  It was an experience not very different from what we’re used to doing back home — “playing” family!

The Grounds Alexandria
Lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria.

And that is Sydney to me.  It is home away from home.  I’ll forever see it as a place I come home to, only because my best friend is there…my longest friend to date…a friend I have known more than half of my life.

So I’d choose Sydney over Melbourne any day or up until she and her family decide to move to Melbourne.  If that should ever happen, I would need a thicker coat.

Catching the tram along La Trobe Street in Melbourne.

Have you been to Australia?  Which city left a good impression?


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  1. We haven’t been to Australia but its high on the list. Good to know that Melbourne is livelier than Sydney would help us decide our itinerary.

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time in Aus. I’ve been to Sydney but not Melbourne, but have many friends from there. It does sound like the hip and happening vibe that they describe! Glad you had such a good time with friends!

  3. Welcome to Straya!
    Fellow Pinoy here. If you happen to come back, I’d be keen to give you info on where else to go 🙂

  4. There has always been a rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. I come form Australia, a small town called Bundaberg, and I would have to say that Melbourne is my favourite city, I love it’s “Hip” vibe. Though Sydney has the Wow factor with the harbour. If it’s great weather you are after, you have to visit Bundaberg, we have travelled the world and Bundaberg weather is the best!

  5. Seems like you did have a fun time. I can relate to your experience. The first time we sett foot on US soil, wow! I can’t bear the cold. Tindi but as time passed by we get accustomed to the weather din

  6. Marie says: Reply

    Ah. The Land Down Under – one of my dream destinations…
    So nice seeing you guys reunited. Would love to try OZ’s steaks someday! <3

  7. Masarap talaga ang samahan ng Filipinoes, kahit saan may katuwaan. Love the elevator shot!

  8. It would sure be nice for us to visit Australia, too. My husband has relatives there that we’d love to see.

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