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guisados congressional

Coming from a half-day pigging out session with friends, we still decided to try out Guisados along Congressional Avenue.  A lot of firsts that day.   Coffee at Precynct, lunch at Asakusa, dessert at Backyard Kitchen and this. To say I was looking forward to tacos would be an understatement.  I had been craving anything Mexican for the past couple of weeks. So even though we were still full from lunch, we just had to eat here.

guisados congressional13

Guisados’ design  has repurposed objects thrown around.  Strainers made into overhead lighting and mason jars with light bulb inside.  And the structure is made from a container van.  You can obviously tell that someone with an eye for design pulled this thing together.

Guisados specialty is stewed tacos.  We ordered the Five Taco Sampler  (smaller in size) which is 5 different types of meat served with soft corn tortillas, Mexican Chicken Wings with Mexican Dirty Rice and Cilantro Rice.  The food here is basic but immaculately good and delicious.  Sometimes it’s the best kind and Guisados has captured it very well.

guisados congressional3
Five Taco Sampler Php 239


guisados congressional10
Mexican Chicken Wings Php 245 (6 pieces)


guisados congressional5
Mexican Dirty Rice Php 65

On our second visit, we ordered the regular size Tacos  and the Quesadilla. We’re glad that taste and quality were consistent with our first visit. You know what I hate the most?  Restaurant service and food quality that diminish over time.  It’s the worst thing.  It’s like witnessing a loved one’s slow and painful death.

guisados congressional9
Pork Carnitas Php 80


guisados congressional4
Pork Belly Tacos Php 75


guisados congressional2
Quesadillas Php 220


guisados congressional1
Chorizo w/ Egg Taco Php 85

Carnitas Tacos are one of my guilty pleasures and I’m super happy that we now have one so near our place.  Now I don’t have to suffer in bad traffic whenever I have taco cravings.  Life is good!


#1 Salinglahi Homes Congressional Ext. Brgy. Culiat
Quezon City, Philippines


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