Gaya Sunday Market

Gaya Street Sunday Market

If you’re in Kota Kinabalu on a Sunday, you should not miss the Gaya Sunday Street Market.  Formerly known as Bond Street, Gaya Street is situated in the Central Business District of Kota Kinabalu. For almost a century, it has been the center of trade and business among local vendors. It is transformed into a festive avenue for Sabahans making its 220 meter street all covered by colorful makeshift tents and stalls.

Blind Masseuses

The Gaya Street Sunday Market usually opens at 6:30 am and lasts until after lunchtime at 2pm.  From the wide selection of antiques, arts and crafts, batik sarongs, local delicacies, ethnic items, plants and herbs, souvenirs, to meretricious Chinese imitation products – all are sold in this busy street of Gaya!

Key chains of animals and plants endemic to Sabah like the Proboscis Monkeys (long-nosed monkeys), Rothschild Slipper Orchid and Rafflesia.
I Love Kota Kinabalu shirts in different colors.
Local fruits
Cookies, biscuits and other local delicacies


Coffee beans roasted on site.

Truly a tourist trap, this flea market attracts a lot of customers from all walks of life.  If you’re gifted with good haggling skills, you can definitely bring home not only the cheapest Malaysian souvenir items like shirts, keychains, and accessories but also local delicacies and even, imported perfumes, exotic plants,  and pets.

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Plants and orchids
Even seeds are sold here.
Imported perfumes, lotions and makeup
Jewelry, clothes as well as stuff toys for the kids

I was able to buy “I love Kota Kinabalu” shirts, key chains, and even had personalized bookmarks palmed by a popular local who calls himself Huang Poh Lo, The Man Below the Wind.  

Personalized bookmarks by Huang Poh Lo
Huang Poh Lo doing calligraphy of my kids’ names

For shopping enthusiasts like me, having a chance to shop at Gaya Street Sunday Market is indeed worth it. I could literally spend a day here.  Just one thing though, shopping in street markets  is not for everyone.  It’s definitely not for small children.  Like my kid who got a little bored and grumpy because it was a bit crowded and hot.  Perhaps it was also my fault as  I was taking too long searching for the best bargain.

Grumpy MG

Nevertheless, it was another experience filed under things she must try at least once.  I would suggest to go and shop early or as soon as the market opens to avoid the swarming customers and the scorching hot weather. Other than that, Gaya Street adventure is still worth experiencing.

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