Eye Candy: Motel Mexicola

It was a crazy 2015 plus February had me literally running around, there wasn’t enough time to relax. Preparing for a marathon is no joke.  It’s not like you wake up one day and decide to run a marathon next week.  It requires at least six months of training for beginners or newbies.  And I consider myself a newbie, not having done any strenuous workout in my whole life.  Lifting weights and the occasional cardio cannot be considered strenuous compared to running uphill or running for more than 2 hours per session.

motel mexicola
The most “instagrammable” resto in Bali

What I’m trying to get at is I needed a break after my marathon training.  I wanted to drink so bad which I avoided during training.  That’s why Bali was the perfect destination after my first marathon.  Alcohol drinks abound on that little island.  And drink was mostly what I did! It was so much fun.  I savored every little sip.

motel mexicola1
Me, savoring every little sip


After a hearty breakfast at Cafe Organic, we decided to walk around before heading back to our hotel as we were too full.  I needed to decompress and the perfect way to do that is by having a cup of coffee or having a drink.  I chose the latter naturally.

motel mexicola2
El Negro Dark n Stormy — dark Jamaican rum, bitters, fresh lime, local Bali ginger soda.

Motel Mexicola.   I’ve seen so many photos on Instagram but those still couldn’t prepare you for the real thing.  The place is truly an eye candy.  So many colors, so many interesting things to look at.  You cannot, for the life of you, just focus on one.  You think you’ve seen something pretty or unique but something would instantly catch your attention out of the corner of your eye.  The whole place is crazy gorgeous.

Must visit in Seminyak!!!

motel mexicola5
The altar.  I don’t recognize any one of these people.
motel mexicola6
Crazy, gorgeous space
motel mexicola3
Concert/Performance area. This area comes alive every night.

Too bad we didn’t try the food as we just came from brunch.  Worse, we didn’t get to pay another visit before we left for Manila.  Next time.


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