Explore Melbourne for FREE — Street Art

Street Art Hosier Lane

Street Art Hosier Lane

Queen Victoria Market Street Art

Street Art Hosier Lane

I’ve decided to write a post solely dedicated to STREET ART in Melbourne.  It’s an easy enough decision as we love discovering hidden gems not necessarily found in a museum, but rather, at every corner, nook and cranny of a city.  And it’s free to do!!! That’s the best part.  And you can even burn a few calories in the process.

I don’t exactly remember “the where” of some of the street arts we came across during this trip as art in this city is practically everywhere.  You turn a corner and boom, there’s an image of Trump depicted in a way that is so him!  You’re walking along a nondescript road and you suddenly spot a colorful graffiti at the corner of your eye.  It’s lunchtime and you sit at a table facing the street and you discover one freshly painted wall with vivid images.  So random.  So crazy. It’s charming.  Melbourne truly has a notorious reputation for street art.

Is this Donald Trump or some other guy? This was taken after our brunch at Hardware Societe. (Hardware Lane)
Donald Trump or the devil?
Queen Victoria Market
An art installation with wall art as background just in front of Padre in Queen Victoria Market

The city is packed with hidden laneways filled to the brim with art or treasures as we’d like to call it.  Here we were with our lunch of bao and with a view to match.

Another unexpected street art outside of Wonder Bao just off A. Beckett Street
We spotted this while walking around Chinatown. Of course, we just had to take a photo.
Degraves Street

And of course, there’s Hosier Lane.  No trip to Melbourne is complete without a visit here. The most famous and most impressive street art murals can be seen at Hosier Lane. Look! Not even the fire escape was spared…

street art hosier lane

nor these commercial outdoor trash cans.


In fact, forget all the other street art and laneways.  If you are pressed for time or just lazy to walk and really explore every alley, just ride a tram to Flinders Station and head here.  It’s just opposite Federation Square.

TIP: If you decide to explore Melbourne CBD’s street art, devote at least to two hours to enjoy the alleys and laneways, admire and take photos, and of course, eat or have coffee in between.  There’s always a cafe nearby.  

hosier lane melbourne street art

Always the tourist.

hosier lane street art

hosier lane melbourne street art

hosier lane melbourne street art

hosier lane melbourne street art

hosier lane melbourne street art

SIDE NOTE: I really love taking photos of street art, murals and graffiti and have always been amazed and inspired by the hard work of these artists.  Imagine the skill level it takes to stage or do art under pressure as some of the murals and graffiti in other countries are illegal, sometimes in the absence of light, just so these artists can create and share their art.

Hosier Lane Melbourne

hosier lane melbourne

hosier lane melbourne

Seeing Melbourne’s street art for the first time, as well as exploring the laneways, was one of the last things we did.  We only had a few hours to hit the streets before it got too cold again to walk.  Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice one too many laneways during this trip or risk getting sick again.  I just couldn’t get used to the cold.

If you have more time in your hands or if you’re new to Melbourne, these are some of the laneways worth visiting in the CBD area.

  • ACDC Lane
  • Strachan Lane
  • Croft Alley
  • Tattersalls Lane
  • Literature Lane
  • Union Lane

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