El Union Coffee in La Union

In this Coffee Crawl series, I round up cafes or coffee shops I visited in a particular country, district or city.  I realize that I won’t barely scratch the surface of a city’s coffee scene — so readers, feel free to recommend a cafe.  ULTIMATE GOAL:  Coffee crawl in Melbourne!

el union coffee7
The “old” El Union

El Union Coffee is where it all started.  My coffee obsession began back in 2014 when we took a weekend trip to La Union to surf.  Surf newbie and flat white newbie, I fell in love with both instantly.  Sadly, my love affair with surfing ended when I hit my knee so bad during a surf session.  But my love affair with Flat White endures long after my bruised ego and knee.  The first time I tried Flat White, I “shouted” silently shut the freaking door.  It was that good.  That was also the first time I drank coffee without sugar.  No need to add anything because again, it was that good.

More on Why I love La Union so much!

el union coffee6
Harold & Camille at the old El Union.  They’re a couple =)

Fast forward to 2016…Everyone would be pleased to find it bigger and better with its new shop (still along the highway) near Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, another San Juan must-visit.  I’m elated to find it tasting and smelling exactly the same in 2014,  just with more seating, food choices and additional staff.  As if this cafe didn’t already impress me that first time.

el union coffee1
The flat white that started it all.
el union coffee
el union coffee2
The famous Grilled Cheese with Bacon Jam.  Must order.  Best with Sriracha.
el union coffee3
The new shop

el union coffee4

el union coffee8
I have this thing with floors.

Swell or no swell, I would definitely keep coming back here.

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