Ecco Cafe in Penang

ecco cafe penang4
The chalk board near the entrance lists the specials of the day.


Ecco Cafe was an accidental find.  It was past lunch time and it was just too hot to walk far for a good meal.  Good thing we found this small cafe just a few meters away from our hotel.  It was empty when we visited.  That was not a good sign but we  were hungry. So anything to fill our hungry stomachs would be fine at that moment.

ecco cafe penang1

What we originally wanted from the menu was not available and what was available, we didn’t really care for. Another bad sign.  That time they only had Lasagna and Lemon Infused Chicken with a side of fresh pasta.  I went for the latter.  By the way, the Chef was also the order taker and his father, the server.   You can obviously tell that it’s a family-run resto.

ecco cafe penang3

There was nothing fancy about the restaurant nor the food presentation until you take a fork full of the pasta.  OMG!  The pasta was perfectly cooked but what got me was the sauce.  It was heavenly.  I was eating the sauce like soup, tilting the plate to one side so I can spoon enough of it to my delight.  It was that good.  Nothing has yet to beat Ecco Cafe’s cream sauce.  Nothing!  But a close second is Ah Bong’s Italian in Tiong Bahru.

ecco cafe penang
Lemon Infused Chicken, lemon slices, capers, mushrooms, herbs in cream sauce with a side of pasta.  This is the bomb!

If he could make something as delicious as this in a matter of minutes, what more if he had time.  That’s why I’m excited to visit the resto again this April and if I can, I would probably order everything on the menu.  I’m especially intrigued with the more popular pasta dish, the Truz!  It has bananas.  Imagine that.

ecco cafe penang pasta
Pasta Salvatore

The Pasta Salvatore was equally good like something your mother would cook for you.  FYI, the pasta is made fresh daily and the tomato sauce is prepared from scratch.

ecco cafe penang2
Mango Lassi. Very apropos for Penang’s weather.

I was glad that I brushed the not so good signs aside and that I didn’t listen to the little voice inside of my head to just walk away and find another place.  The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is very evident here.

ecco cafe penang5
Is it weird that MG kinda looks like the woman in the paintings?!! #joke


We had a chance to eat at this resto again at its new location in Lebuh Acheh when we visited Penang this year as part of our Banana Pancake Trail trip.

Same menu.  Same people.  Same old charm.  Same delicious food.  And I finally got to try the Truz and some pizza.  It was delicious but my all-time fave is still the Lemon-Infused Chicken with a side of Fresh Pasta.

Here are photos from the new location.

ecco-cafe-penang (2)
With a larger menu black board this time.


ecco cafe penang
More spacious dining area. Still with no airconditioning which is not uncommon in Penang.


I look tired. This was past lunch and we had been walking for over an hour showing my friend around Penang.



ecco-cafe-penang (5)
We ordered the Mushroom Pizza and Truz (with bananas in the sauce).


ecco cafe penang
TRUZ from Ecco Cafe


ecco cafe lebuh acheh
MG after we had late lunch at our favorite pizza pasta place in Penang.




Ecco Cafe
402 Lebuh Chulia Pulau Pinang, Penang


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