Eat List: Hong Kong

Warning: This post is too long. But read along because it’s going to be delicious!

Whenever we visit Hong Kong, we always stay in the Hong Kong side neighborhoods (Central, Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, etcetera) because people are more polite and friendly even if staying there would mean a teeny-weeny tiny room with the smallest bathroom imaginable.  But it’s near Wellington Street where good restaurants  are and Sheung Wan for our semi-hipster haunts so it’s good enough for us.  But we generally eat everywhere.  We would hop on the MRT or bus for a great cup of Flat White or an even greater bowl of wanton noodles.

It’s no secret that we love to eat and one of our most favorite dishes is any noodle dish.


Mak's Noodles Hong Kong

Mak’s Noodles is just along Wellington Street. It doesn’t get any better that this if you want authentic Hong Kong style noodle soup. Most people come here for the Beef Tendon. It is delicious but when you’re trying to watch your cholesterol, this may not be the ideal dish to order. I mean, look at it!  It’s heart-breaking, literally!  It’s a heart attack waiting to happen.


What I love here in Mak’s Noodles is the Shrimp Wanton. So so good. The shrimps are succulent and are perfect served with its perhaps simmering for hours broth.  I don’t know how to describe how good this is.  In fact, I haven’t tasted anything like this in Manila or in any other country.  This is truly a must try.

Mak's Noodles Hong Kong

That guy right there makes 100 shrimp wantons a minute. Just kidding. But he’s really fast so it may be true, too.  We’ll never know unless we watch him closely.




Let me just say this so that it’s out of the way…Ichiran is the best ramen you can get 24/7. And I mean that to be true only because it’s open 24 hours a day.


And you eat your ramen at your very own cubicle. No sharing, finally. I mean, you can share but it is kind of awkward at this setting.  You could bring your friend here who eats everything and pays for nothing.  LOL.


But if you must really know, it’s Butao King (We call it Ramen Nagi in Manila) that I truly love.

I love these little condiments that you mix with your Ramen in Butao King. These extras add to the many reasons why I prefer this over Ichiran.

Butao King Central Hong Kong

We always order Butao King. The broth is more flavorful. You can even customize the firmness of your noodles as well as the level of heat or spice, salt, cut of meat, and vegetables.  And you would think that with so many ramen places in Hong Kong lines here would be non-existent.  Well, think again.

Butao King Hong Kong
The line here at this branch in Central is across the street.


Hong Kong is also brunch haven.   It has no shortage of brunch places and in all honesty, they’re all pretty amazing.  And each for different reasons.


Australia Dairy Co. is a famous cha chaang teng in Hong Kong.

The line in this cafe is epic so go there early.  There is no English menu.  To order, what we do is try to point at food on another diner’s table.  The second time we went here we had photos of the things we wanted to order because sometimes it’s frustrating when you want something and and you get something else just because you didn’t understand each other.  Talk about food language barrier.    But I still strongly recommend this place.

Order the scrambled eggs as the dish is one of the best scrambled eggs I’ve had.  Yeah, they’re just eggs but I can never make them as fluffy as the ones I get here.  Also worth trying are the Macaroni soup with ham and steamed milk pudding which they make in big batches and are displayed on the window.

Australia Dairy Co.
Macaroni Soup and Steamed Milk Pudding

SIDE NOTE:  I don’t know why this cha chaang teng is called Australia Dairy Co.  If you know its history, drop me a message here.


The Brunch Place
The Brunch Club at Peel Street in SOHO

The Brunch Club

Magazines line the walls of this brunch place. Some are free publications and you’re welcome to get a copy. Actually, the place brands itself as a cafe and newsstand.

The Brunch Club
Our typical breakfast here in Brunch Club

I try to eat healthy if I have the chance.  The plate above with fresh yogurt, fruits and muesli was my order while MG (daughter) had bacon and eggs.  I remember coffee here as being just ok.  I love this place for the good bread and if you know me, I can live without rice but I can never live without my share of bread.


One of the best discoveries of our last trip to Hong Kong.  I just want to kick myself for not coming across this cha chaan teng early on in the trip. French Toast here is to die for.  Read my full review HERE.

Mostly locals eat here but we felt right at home as the servers were not at all rude. And you know how notorious HK people are for rudeness.
French Toast. I still have dreams about this. In fact, I’d go to Hong Kong just for this and I’m not kidding.
Lan Fong Yuen is also famous for its Porkchop Buns.


Of course, any trip to Hong Kong is not complete without the veritable meals at these restaurants. But we also try to include new restos that we haven’t tried plus these “mainstays.”


Ebeneezer's Hong Kong
Greek Salad. Look at the generous serving of feta cheese. This is my favorite salad to order here at Ebeneezer’s.

There is no better place for late-night chow and take out than Ebeneezer’s.  We would always order Greek Salad and Chicken Biryani which is the bomb.  Nothing has topped their Biryani in my books.  I’m telling you, it’s that good.

Ebeneezer’s also delivers! Chicken Biryani and Greek Salad again…


Hong Kong is more known for its upscale Michelin-starred restaurants than for its cheap eats.  But why would you choose expensive meals over Michelin-starred affordable eats like Tim Ho Wan’s?  I know, I know.  We now have Tim Ho Wan in Manila but the problem is they could never get the Pork Buns right. I think I may have ordered pork buns in THW Megamall once and declared it unacceptable compared to Hong Kong’s but I definitely need to order them again next time around, you know, just to compare if they finally got it right.

Tim Ho Wan
Look at the people standing and waiting to be seated. It’s a normal sight here in Hong Kong. Good food is worth the long wait and long line.
Tim Ho Wan’s Famous Pork Buns


We first ate here in 2013 and I remember thinking that it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time.  And to think they’re just chicken parts in skewers.  But you have to sample the dishes here for you to understand the resto’s concept.  Simple, comfort food.  A bit pricey but for the service, ambience and of course, the delicious food, price is just secondary and a non-issue. Popular options are Korean Fried Cauliflower (KFC) and the Pate.  Cocktails, wine and beer are available as well.  Reservation is not possible.  It’s a first come, first served basis so come early as the place gets packed almost as soon as it opens.

Opens at 6pm until midnight.

In photo: Liver Mousse, Meatball with Eggyolk Dip, and Chicken & Egg Rice

Sorry for the lack of good photos here.  Dim lighting is the enemy plus iPhone.


Another restaurant that has already landed on our shores, Saboten is our Japanese haunt in Hong Kong when we want Tonkatsu with terrific side dishes.

I haven’t tried Saboten here in Manila so I’m hoping I could find Pork Mille-Feuille in the menu as it’s the one dish we always order here.  The dish is made of 20 layers of thinly sliced pork rolled together and deep fried.  It is delicious!  Too bad I didn’t take a photo.  Note to self: take a pic first before tasting as it may lead to eating the whole thing.

Saboten Hong Kong
Signature Tonkatsu with Fresh Radish
Saboten Hong Kong
All meal sets include unlimited serving of  shredded cabbage salad, pickled vegetables, rice and miso soup.


It doesn’t get better than a double patty burger, double cheese between 2 grilled cheese sammys with all the fixins plus rootbeer.  My mouth is salivating just writing about this.  It makes me want to hop on a plane to Hong Kong or Bali right now.

The Butchers Club
Double Happiness Burger with Duck Fat Fries or more like Quadruple Happiness.  I thought I’d never finish this burger but because it was so good, I ate it all.

Part II coming soon…

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