Doughnut Coma in Melbourne

All we did in Melbourne was eat.

That’s the ever present truth in each one of our travels .  By end of our 5-day trip in the city I was bloated and on the brink of doughnut and coffee coma.  It was crazy…but very delicious!  No regrets.

You have to know this about us.  We lurve doughnuts or donuts or whatever else you call it.  We get giddy whenever we are in the presence of these round things.  It’s doughnuts first before anything else.



Of the many things on our Melbourne itinerary, foremost of which is to drink as many cups of Flat White as I possibly can, is to find the best doughnuts in the city.  High on that list is Short Stop and I only realized after checking google map that it was just 2 blocks away from where we were staying.  What luck, right?

My daughter’s all-time favorite — plain glazed donuts!


Short Stop Earl Grey & Rose
My personal favorite at Short Stop is  Earl Grey & Rose.
Good coffee is everywhere in Melbourne and it’s no wonder I love Short Stop’s Flat White.  Best with Earl Grey & Rose Doughnut.

We visited the shop on our first day and discovered that it also serves good coffee, which is an ideal factor as coffee is the best accompaniment for doughnuts and most desserts.  My favorite here is the Earl Grey and Rose.  Two thumbs up for its delicate and somehow sophisticated taste.  It’s how artisan donuts should taste like — not sickeningly sweet! I ate 2 in one sitting.  I would have eaten more if only we didn’t have to go to dinner and risk losing our appetite and our only chance at dining at popular resto in the area. Besides, moderation is key.  Too bad the Maple Walnut and Brown Butter flavor was not available during the two occasions we dropped by.  I heard it’s one of their bestsellers.


American Doughnut Kitchen
Locals lining up for American Doughnut Kitchen’s hot jam doughnuts.

American Doughnut Kitchen quickly comes out on top of our Doughnut list.  You can never go wrong with hot jam doughnuts here.  Quality and yummy donuts at the best price point!!  It’s ridiculously cheap compared to other doughnut shops in Melbourne.  The line proves this  and we were surrounded by mostly locals every time we visited.

American Doughnut Kitchen
These jam doughnuts are the best. We found ourselves lining up each morning to get our doughnut fix while in Melbourne.  Not the healthiest first meal of the day but when you go bad, eat something good at least!
American Doughnut Kitchen
A true Queen Victoria Market icon. A must when in Melbourne.

It’s a family run business started out by two friends in the 1950’s.  Fast forward to this decade, I guess the owners’ family members themselves work behind the counter and in the kitchen. American Doughnut Kitchen is an icon in Queen Victoria Market.  Too bad there’s no other branch besides the one in QVM.


Doughnut Time — a new player in the market with over a dozen branches all over Australia.

Doughnut Time, in all honesty, was not in the list. We were just passing thru Chapel Street in St. Kilda one night when I saw a well-lit shop while on board a mini bus.  I made a mental note to drop by the next day.  Good thing we decided to check out another street art along Degraves Street when this minty green shop caught my eye.  It was another Doughnut Time outlet!  No need to go all the way to St. Kilda.

You gotta love Doughnut Time if only for its play on flavors and names.

Doughnut Time Degraves

The Cate Blanchett is a mix of chocolate glazes from white to dark then topping it off with a Tim Tam!  Why Cate Blanchett?  Your guess is as good as anyone else’s as I have no idea.

Milo Cyrus, on the other hand, is quite obvious and is a play on Miley Cyrus and Milo.  It’s milk chocolate and Milo Glaze filled with chocolate malt custard.

Doughnut Time Australia
We bought a box of 4 and brought it all the way to Manila as pasalubong for my son. We got Ferrero No Share, The Cate Blanchett, The Original Glazed and Nutella.
doughnut time melbourne
The Degraves outlet

The Doughnuts are made fresh daily and in small batches.   Aside from the typical original glazed and salted carmel, they also come out with new flavors regularly (hibiscus, maple bacon, it’s always a gay time). We also saw flavors with names like Slim Shady, The Cookie Monster, Pump Up the Jam and Get Ready to Crumble.  See past creations HERE.

Too bad we didn’t get to try the other two on our Doughnut Eat List.  If we had more time, we would have wanted to also try Walker’s Doughnuts and Doughboys Doughnuts as well as Donut Shop in Fitzroy which has the best Matcha donut, according to this article.

As you can see, there is doughnut culture in Australia.  I wish Manila would follow suit as I’m so over cupcakes and cronuts already.  Meanwhile, in Sydney…

The Grounds of Alexandria
Hot donuts freshly made in The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney.
Even in the suburbs of Penrith in Sydney, there are donuts.

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