Dash Hotel Seminyak

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Dash Hotel Seminyak, Bali

Where did the time go?  It went to traveling, of course.  I realized just recently how hard it is to travel and write about it immediately.  That’s why this new post took so long.  As in 4 months.  I’ve been to 6 countries in the last four months.  It took a toll on my health that I was sick for a month and a half after Vietnam.  But I’m not here to talk about my health.  I’m here to talk about our adventure which started in Bali last March.

I had been postponing this Bali trip for as long as I can remember mainly because of one horror story I’ve read online about women traveling to Indonesia.  So it took guts and a lot of planning just so we won’t encounter the same fate.  And boy did we enjoy Bali!  So much that I can’t wait to go back and stay a week,  and in a villa,  which is the appropriate thing to do when in Bali.

dash hotel seminyak1
Part of the lobby

We stayed at the Dash Hotel in Seminyak.  It is a fairly new hotel.  Barely a year old.  Everything is spic and span.  Service is efficient and friendly plus it has a pool and a roofdeck bar.  You can watch the sunset here every night and not get tired of it.  The room is very un-hotel like.  Reminds me of The Henry in Cebu.  Colorful.  Modern.  Quirky.  Fun.  Industrial but not lacking the in the comfort department.  Bed is comfy as can be expected.  Air-conditioning works which is a must in a beach town such as Seminyak.  Flat screen TV, mini bar and all the amenities are provided.  Factor that all in, you would think staying here would cost an arm and a leg.  No!  It’s very affordable.  Just under 3000 PHP a night.  And it’s very near Potato Head Beach Club, Motel Mexicola and all the other cool restaurants and cafes in our itinerary.

dash hotel seminyak
Guests are treated to a 15 minute massage while you wait for your room.
dash hotel seminyak3
The pool area
dash hotel seminyak4
I love the mural in our room.


dash hotel seminyak6
Shower area
dash hotel seminyak5
Unique design all throughout the room
dash hotel seminyak2
There’s even a balcony.

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