Coffee Crawl in Hong Kong

In this Coffee Crawl series, I round up cafes or coffee shops I visited in a particular country, district or city.  I realize that I won’t barely scratch the surface of a city’s coffee scene — so readers, feel free to recommend a cafe.  ULTIMATE GOAL:  Coffee crawl in Melbourne!

N1 Coffee

There’s no doubt that I love coffee.  I even enrolled in a Barista training course early this year.  That was fun and I learned a lot although I’m still hoping I can put my skills to good use soon.  For now, I’m just happy that I get to drink and enjoy coffee at popular cafes not only here in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

I did a coffee crawl in Singapore late last year.  That was truly an unforgettable experience.  I met the owner of Nylon as well sampled and took home some of their coffee beans. But that’s for another post.

Here I’ll write about my recent coffee crawl in Hong Kong.  Imagine building your itinerary and plotting each of your destinations around coffee.  Crazy, right?  If you’re a coffee lover, you’d probably understand.

N1 Coffee

Anyway, I’ve only sampled just under 10 coffee shops around HK during our weeklong stay.  Such a short time to sample all especially now when there are new cafes opening every other week.  The best, in my honest opinion, was the Flat White from Elephant Grounds in Sheung Wan.

 I always order Flat White so I can compare flat whites from different cafes.  N1 Coffee in Mody Road TST was also good and is my second favorite.  It’s a tie between 18 grams and The Cupping Room on the third spot because honestly,  I can’t decide which one is better.   Lof10 is my least favorite.  There was an aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on.  It must be the water they use.

N1 Coffee

I’ve also tried brewed coffee from Ikea, McDonald’s and some Chinese restos.  They were good and strong.  Just enough jolt to wake you up in the morning which is really all I need to start my day.

More on this soon.

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