Chunky Sam’s Diner

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I know I’ll never be a vegetarian.  I love my meat so much.  But I’ve tried many times to convert to vegetarianism.  To lose weight is the number 1 factor, heart health comes only in second place.  But cutting meat out of your diet (yes, struggle is real and is on a daily basis) is tricky.  There are times when you just crave a slab of bacon, or a juicy steak or even a hotdog or corned beef.

chunky sam's diner1
Chunky Sam’s Diner

And it doesn’t help that restaurants that serve burgers and steaks  are just about everywhere.  Even here in our neck of the woods.  Who would have thought that the stretch of Congressional Avenue would turn out to be a foodie destination?  Box Park, Guisados, Gudo, Brewing Point (it’s been there since my College days) and Chunky Sams’s Diner which I happened to chance upon after a massage session at Nuat Thai.

chunky sam's diner2
Fresh Angus Corned Beef.  Sorry for the dull photo.

Chunky Sam’s Diner has a fantastic menu.  It has everything vegetarians hate.  Burgers, ribs, steak and my favorite in the line-up, the Fresh Angus Corned Beef.  Everyone’s raving about the burger but the corned beef is what I come here for.  I know corned beef is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when it’s done well like at Chunky Sam’s, it’s the perfect comfort food.  I just wish the resto would offer home-brewed iced tea or shakes or coffee other than the instant variety drinks.  Not many restaurants know the importance of an equally good drinks and dessert menu.

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But seriously, if you haven’t been to Chunky Sam’s, order the corned beef.  With drinks or without, just try it.

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