Cebu: Eat your heart out in Banilad

Because Cebu is such a big city, I did not aim to go very far from our hotel in Banilad just to eat.  If there’s anything that Banilad surprised me with, it has plenty of good restaurants and most restaurants we tried were modern, cozy, and always packed.  If you don’t want to wait long for a table, better be early for lunch or dinner.

If I had more time, I would definitely explore this neighborhood extensively.  I’ve barely scratched the restaurant scene here.  And judging from what we’ve tried, Banilad is definitely worth another go.

Breakfast at A Cafe

A Café serves all day breakfast which you can have for lunch or dinner. =) There are other options such as soups and salads as well as sandwiches, burgers and skillets.

A Cafe
A huge pork chop for breakfast? Why not?!! We finished the whole piece. We were that hungry.
We ordered Biscuits & Gravy as recommended by a number of food bloggers who have tried it. Verdict? The gravy we love but we couldn’t care less about the biscuits. I thought they were a bit dry and bland. Without the gravy, the dish would be a plate of bleh…

Lunch at Phat Pho

We waited a good 30 minutes for our seats.  It’s a small Vietnamese restaurant — just a few tables and stools.We were seated at the “bar” where we can see all the action.  This resto reminds me so much of Little Bao in Sheung Wan.

This is where the magic happens.
As you can see, it’s a rather small restaurant. which probably sits around 20 to 30 people comfortably. There is outside seating but it would be a pain to eat a piping hot bowl of pho in Cebu weather.
For starters, we tried the Goi Cuon with Slow Roasted Pork.
Chicken Satay topped with shallots and peanuts.
Condiments for the Pho
We had Pho Bo for our main dish which is classic Vietnamese soup with shaved US Angus Beef. I love this dish. The meat is tender and of high quality. The broth is piping hot and delicately seasoned.
Phat Pho Banilad

Dinner at Maya

Maya is a casual restaurant and tequila lounge or bar.  The restaurant design is elegant with dim lighting, tables made of hard wood, and comfortable cushioned seats.

Love the restaurant’s ambience. It easily makes you feel at home.
Happy MG
I had Sopa De Tortilla Con Pollo which in English means tortilla tomato soup with chipotle shredded chicken with a dollop of sour cream. Yummy!
For mains, we ordered Carnitas Tacos and Enchilada. Although the meat was tender, it was lacking something, perhaps, a bit of acidity.

Dessert & Lechon de Cebu

Of course, we cannot leave Cebu without dropping by La Marea and having one of their warm TDF brownie cups.

La Marea’s Warm Brownie Cup never fails to satisfy our sweet tooth.
MG Loves it!

Meanwhile, at the airport…

Zubuchon for pasalubong ready to go to Manila with us.

So you see, Cebu is not all about lechon.  It could very well be.  But if you want to break free from the clutches of high cholesterol meals, explore Banilad and try the row of restaurants there.

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