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I’m back to one blog post a day.  Fingers crossed.  Next foreign travel won’t be until October and I have plenty of time to write about our Asia trip which I aptly call “Banana Pancake Trail.”  I didn’t coin the phrase.  It was there for as long as I backpackers first discovered how cheap it was to travel Asia.

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Cafe Organic Bali. Diners are mostly from Australia.  We were the only Asians.  Crew even spoke to us in the local language thinking we were Balinese.

Our Bali trip was a sort of reward for finishing the marathon in one piece.  It was also a  birthday tradition as I just celebrated my 44th birthday a week before.  I try to go to another country to celebrate my birthday.  I’ve been doing since I turned 40.  Why Bali now?  Food played a huge part in the decision-making process as all my travels but mainly because it was time.  I knew I was ready.  Part of the reason why I was hesitant for the longest was because of this.

cafe organic bali4
We ordered Super Acai Smoothie, The Breakfast Criminal and Acai Coco.

As soon as we landed, we had our USD exchanged for the local currency. A 100 US dollars would make you an instant millionaire in Bali.  I loved it!!!  I was a millionaire even for just 4 days.  Anyway, we were hungry and it way past breakfast after we checked in, off we went to Cafe Organic as it was on our Bali Eat List and it’s basically a few meters from our hotel.

cafe organic bali2
Acai Coco — acai berry, almonds, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, passion fruit, mango, oats, granola, shredded coconut, cacao nibs and bee pollen.  Delish and so filling!!!
cafe organic bali1
My cup of Flat White.  Coffee game here is so strong.  I likey!

Cafe Organic can sit around 30 to 40 people comfortably.  There’s also outside seating but it was just too hot to eat brunch without one having to ward off insects and sweat from your face.  So we opted to be seated inside where there’s air-conditioning.

Focused on organic food, smoothie bowls, brunch eats and good coffee, with free wifi and a general relaxed vibe, I instantly know this would be a favorite.  Too bad we only had 3 full days on the island and it was impossible to eat here again given that we had a full restaurant line-up we wanted to try out.  But the smoothie bowls alone as well as the coffee make me want to come back.

cafe organic bali5
The Breakfast Criminal is the breakfast of champions.  Avocado on toast, poached eggs, beans, homemade potato rosti, tomatoes on a bed of baby spinach, mushrooms and kale.  What a healthy dish!  It was the perfect dish for our first meal in Bali.
cafe organic bali7
Eat. Sleep. Coffee. Repeat.  If only we can…

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