Ca Phe Saigon Marikina

Call us foodies because we braved the hellish Friday traffic one afternoon during the so-called Christmas rush just to have late lunch at Ca Phe Saigon in Marikina.

ca phe saigon
This is what greets you upon entering the gate.

Ca Phe Saigon has been in business for two years now.  I thought it was new as I’ve only heard of it just this week.  A couple, together with the daughter, runs the place.  I have high expectations because Mary Rose who is Vietnamese also mans the kitchen.  Glad it didn’t disappoint as we left the restaurant with happy, satisfied tummies.

ca phe saigon 5
Vietnamese Food

I love Vietnamese food.  Plain and simple.  Of course, when we are in a Vietnamese restaurant, we order Pho.   The broth was delicate and mildly spiced.  It was served with the usual basil, lemon and bean sprouts.  By the way, don’t be surprised when you get a bowl with no broth.  They serve the broth separately and pour it onto your bowl so what you get is a piping hot fresh broth.  Yummy!

ca phe saigon 7

But what I especially loved was the sandwich or the Bahn Mi.   I got the sandwich with roasted pork and chicken pate.  The chicken pate was to die for and the baguette was crisp on the outside and soft and chewy inside. This is a must-order here.  Next time I’ll order the one with meatloaf. Salivating here just writing about it.

ca phe saigon 2
Bahn Mi

We also ordered Bun bo which is a cold dish of vermicelli, lettuce, beef, garlic and Vietnamese fried rolls.  It is served with a dressing made primarily with fish sauce and lime.  You toss together like a salad. Actually the dish is a meal in itself.

ca phe saigon 3
Bun Bo

Lastly, I just had to have my Vietnamese coffee.  The experience won’t be complete if you skipped coffee and at Ca Phe Saigon, it shouldn’t be missed.

ca phe saigon 1
Traditional Vietnamese Coffee
ca phe saigon 8
Basil Smoothie with Basil seeds
ca phe saigon 11
Me together with the owner
ca phe saigon 9
Mary Rose clearing the table.  This is what I love about small restos.  You see the owners in their element.  Personal all the way.

Ca Phe Saigon

14 Red Cedar St.

New Marikina, San roque

Marikina City
0917 801 6411


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