Peter Makes The Biggest Deal

Two brothers Harry and Ben Tucker set out to search for an investor in their business idea of taking old fragments from planes and turning the scrap metal pieces into luxury furniture. They decide to try their luck with some rich financiers.

They entered their meeting with an exceptional offer for their business. Harry and Ben Tucker generally sell their products to prominent customers globally, however, the two business partners who happen to be siblings required approximately eighty thousand pounds in exchange of 10% of their company. The needed amount was to give their business a boost.

The rich financiers decided to test out the luxury furniture made from scrap they got from the plane. After testing they were impressed just how creative the siblings were and complimented the two for the job well done.

The pair laid out their plans to the entrepreneurs and unfortunately, had a hard time finding the right investor.

Nevertheless, one of the members, Peter aka “PJ” was so impressed by a chair the pair had brought for advertising and so he couldn’t resist from getting himself that chair for a whopping 20,000 pounds and made them a deal they couldn’t refuse. He offered them a six figure deal.

When asked, the member of the financier group said that he loved the product that he couldn’t resist the urge to get himself the chair.

The news “Peter “PJ” makes the biggest deal” was the trend of the day. The investor shocked the brothers as they had no luck with prior opportunities.

The brothers were not expecting this offer made by one of the investors. The pair was shocked too as they got a deal of their life.

Though the investment company is generally viewed in complete control of every entrepreneur, they didn’t seem to have control over this as they allowed Ben and Harry to keep majority of their company.

Peter aka “PJ” has invested millions in some proposed deals. Some of the ventures were worth investing while others were not. This’s one of the business proposals that Peter truly was excited about.

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