A Must: Potato Head Beach Club

potato head beach club1
Mismatched 18th century teak shutters resembling the Colosseum

How much can you really see and do with 3 days in Bali?  It’s not like Hong Kong or Singapore.  We just got back from a 6-day trip in Singapore and it felt “bitin” still.  I was not prepared to go back home to Manila.  So imagine Bali where attractions are far apart from each other and there’s no MRT or train to connect you from point A to point B.  Canggu, Jimbaran Bay, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Ubud…these are just some of the places one must visit when in Bali.

In Bali, you need:

  • a car or even better, a motorcycle as it’s the choice transportation for both tourists and locals
  • a good playlist as it gets boring just looking at houses, villages and temples along the way  (it takes close to an hour from Seminyak to Ubud)
  • sunscreen as the sun is quite intense
  • water and snacks for when you get hungry and the popular resto on your eat list has a long queue because every other tourist wants to eat there.


potato head beach club
MG at the hippest club in Seminyak

Good thing one of the places we wanted to visit is close to our hotel.  Just a brief 5 minute walk.  We were quite excited to see Potato Head Beach Club as it’s a beachfront property and we had not seen the beach at this point, already 8 hours in Bali and not a beach in sight.  After all, Bali’s main attraction is the beach.  So we can’t pass up an afternoon without seeing the sunset and the waters of Seminyak.  And the best place is Potato Head Beach Club.

potato head beach club2
View of Potato Head from the beach

When I reached the Potato Beach Club, I didn’t run to the beach and do my usual beach habits like take photos, walk on the shore and wade into the water.  I saw the bar first. So you know what happened next.  Besides, it was happy hour already.

Of course, I ordered the most fun cocktail.  One in a shell.

potato head beach club5
Cocktail in a shell?!! Why not?!!



potato head beach club8
I forgot the name of the drink but this has mango, basil and a local fruit.  No alcohol.  Hello! She’s just a kid.

It was also near dinner so we decided to try out the food.

potato head beach club4
An assortment of local dishes.  There are two menus — International and local cuisines.  Of course, we chose the latter.  I love the dish with the squid.  There’s also Babi Guling which is Bali’s version of our lechon but using local spices, a fish dish, and fried dumplings.

When it’s time to turn daytime to evening, Potato Head Beach Club is the perfect spot to be in.  Fully-stocked bar, beach, good food, cool crowd, relaxed vibe with a lovely playlist. A must when in Seminyak.

Bonus?  Of course, the sunset!

potato head beach club7


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